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“There’s a power the very few people know how to harness—David Morehouse knows the way.  He can teach it to anyone with the will and the desire to learn.” 


                                -Anthony Robbins

                                Author of Awaken the Power Within and Unlimited Power

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“Through his pioneering work with Remote Viewing, David Morehouse is mapping the future of consciousness in the West, a merging of scientific rigor and spiritual possibility, that anyone can access.”


                                -Deepak Chopra, M.D.

                                 Author of Ageless Body, TImless Mind, and

                                 The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

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“David has shown us how a tool made for war can become a path of spiritual transformation.  He has shown the courage to walk in the way of peace.”


                                 -Don Miguel Ruiz

                                  Author of The Four Agreements

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“It is my privilege to know David and experience the teachings that he offers. He is gifting into everyone’s hands, the tools for the expansion of their individual consciousness. David’s presence and his teachings are important in this moment of the New Sunrise.”


                                -Jorge Luis Delgado

                                Author of Andean Awakening: An Inca Guide to Mystical Peru

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“Remote Viewing is real. David is real, and we should let both be a new beginning for us. Let your soul open as broad as the night sky of the universe, and let it strengthen you. Trust what you hear from this teacher because he is living his life that he might transform this planet.”


                                 -Dannion Brinkly

                                 Author of Saved by the Light

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