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What we talk about...

We are not locked into this format, but unless a topic is mentioned or requested in advance by a member or guest, this is our process.


Typically a show begins with David covering some aspect of the CIA, DIA Directorate of Science and Technology's Remote Viewing program, and his experience in it. Each week there is a "soft theme," meaning the show is designed to cover topics of interest to David's audience over the past 20+ years; he has trained over 25,000 students around the globe. After several hours the show transitions to question and answers following the ClubHouse format and protocol. 

Topics for Discussion:


  • Belief Systems Driving the Global Society

  • The Four Turnings

  • The Science of Intention

  • The Science of the Moment 

  • The OODA Loop

  • Individual Purpose and Calling

  • The Brainwave States and Function

  • Dreaming Research

  • The First Earth Battalion

  • The Delta Force Concept Group (Think Tank)

  • Human Effectiveness Studies

  • Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV)

  • Extended Remote Viewing (ERV)

  • Thought Incubation (TI)

  • Map Dowsing and other techniques

  • "Off planet" historical and current Remote Viewing work

  • Alien encounters with Remote Viewing

  • Historical Applications of Remote Viewing:

  • TWA-800

  • PanAm-103

  • KAL-007

  • Iran Hostage Rescue Attempt

  • Lebanon Hostage Rescue Attempts

  • Counter Narcotics Remote Viewing work

And so much more...

If you have a topic you would like to discuss, or if you can think of something fun for us to do


-Hit the "Contact Us" BUTTON

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