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Dr. Morehouse is a third-generation US Army Officer, his regimental designation is a Special Operations Army Officer with the 75th Ranger Regiment. He was a Commander, of Paratroopers and Rangers; and by all measurements, he was bred for it. He never thought he would be anything else. However, life had something else in mind for him.


In the Republic of Panama, in the 1980s he commanded the US Army's only separate Airborne Rifle Company, Alpha Company (Airborne) 3rd BN, 5th IN; 250-Paratroopers considered the Commander in Chief Southern Command's (CINCSOUTH) Rapid Reaction Force.  He served as Aide de Camp to Major General Kenneth C. Leuer and General Fred F. Woerner before being selected to command 240-Rangers of Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. After the Rangers, his next assignment was in Washington, D.C., with Special Access Programs (SAP), within US Military Intelligence agencies.  Beginning with the Army's highly classified SAP, "Royal Cape," also called, "The Activity," which is the subject of author Michael Smith's book,  "Killer Elite." Here, David served as the Deputy Executive Officer, focusing on the unit's operations and functions. He compiled research and analysis on every program within the unit, which he reported to the Pentagon's highest levels; including weekly briefings to the Secretary of the Army, John O. Marsh Jr.  


Each assignment within the intelligence establishment carried him deeper into the world of espionage. He claims events during this time began altering his philosophical and ideological attraction to the military; everything took on a global perspective, beyond any tactical or strategic imperative he previously encountered. It was here that he began reshaping his view of the world and his role within it.  Leaving Royal Cape, he was assigned to another Special Access Program, called "Sun Streak."  This organization combined the Defense Intelligence Agency and Central Intelligence Agency's collection efforts.  In this small "clan" of hand-picked individuals, Dr. Morehouse began training to become one of America's Top Secret Psychic Spies, called Remote Viewers.  In his first Officer Efficiency Report (OER), Dr. Jack Verona, the Chief Scientist of the Defence Intelligence Agency, evaluated Dr. Morehouse declaring, "In addition to mastering this developing intelligence collection methodology 30-percent faster than any other candidate, he was utilized in several high-level sensitive collection missions even before he completed his formal training." Dr. Verona continued, "His intelligence reports were always complete, extremely precise, and exceeded all expectations."


After serving as a Remote Viewer for three years, Dr. Morehouse's superiors transitioned him to a Top Secret, Strategic Deception organization, code-named, "Torn Image."  His unique expertise as a SOF Ranger and Remote Viewer earned him a position as a "Special Project Officer for Counter Narcotics Deception."  His mission, develop a strategic deception program and plan to destroy the existing drug cartels in South America, by promulgating a self-sustaining inter and intra-cartel war.  His approved plan was successful to the degree the intended targets began unraveling; eventually, they ceased to exist. At least, as we knew them. 


Dr. Morehouse received his undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University.  He received a Master's degree from the United States Army's Command and General Staff College and earned a doctorate from LaSalle University.  He earned advanced certification in Federal Contracts Management and Contract Law from Villanova University.  He is a life member of the Special Operations Medical Association, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the American Legion.


Honorably discharged, in 1995, he wrote his first book, "NonLethal Weapons: War Without Death."  This work became recommended reading at the US Army War College.  The book's message captured the attention of many in political and defense circles. And in 1996, former General Secretary of the U.S.S.R., Mikhail Gorbachev invited him to present the first "State of the World Forum," created by the "Gorbachev Foundation." David's presentation titled "Alternative Methods of Conflict Resolution" was heavily attended by such notables as former US National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and the Chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, Senator Alan Cranston (D-CA), and others. 


His autobiography, "Psychic Warrior: Inside the CIA's Stargate Program," became an international bestseller published in 16-languages.  The story of his life as accounted in the book is owned by Universal Pictures to become a feature film.  His third book, "The Deceivers," is owned by Paramount Pictures with producer Mace Nuefeld.  Dr. Morehouse wrote a fourth work, "Remote Viewing: The Complete Users Guide to Coordinate Remote Viewing."  This book is a 399-page instruction manual for those wishing to learn the DIA/CIA Remote Viewing unit protocols and the supporting science. The material for this book was originally created at the request of Dr. Verona, and Branch Chief, Fern Gavin (GS15), in the absence of any training manual for the Remote Viewing unit. This original content and more comprises the nearly 400-page instruction manual.


Dr. Morehouse's company, Strategic Survivability Research Group (2SRG), works in the field of "Operational Medicine."  He was a Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) subject matter expert (SME), researcher, and tester for the Defense Medical Material Program Office (DMMPO), the National Center for Medical Readiness (NCMR), and Boonshoft School of Medicine, the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences, as well as the United States Air Force Human Effectiveness Directorate.  He is a principal researcher and product engineer for several medical device manufacturers.  His expertise is used by Medafor, Pyng Medical, Tactical Medical Solutions, North American Rescue, US Navy BUMED, and others.  He is responsible for the development of some of the most stringent and innovative testing protocols for medical devices such as tourniquets, pelvic stabilization devices, hemostatic agents, chest seals, and interosseous devices.  His findings are published in numerous professional journals, such as Defense Management Journal, Defense Global, Joint Special Operations Medicine, and Emergency Global. 


Dr. Morehouse lectures on global societal evolution, cosmology, and science; his greatest passion is explaining the "Classic & Quantum Physics of the Quantum Mind," supporting all things related to enhancing human understanding, healing, and behavior. 

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