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       Remote Viewing Produces Results

These are random, minimal examples of the kinds of results. Viewers would produce from 60-minutes of session work. This is the genesis of our Forum conversations, and we launch from there. Below you can see Remote Viewing products from a student of David's who became the subject of a Norwegian fashion magazine article. There is also the Dome of the Rock and the Taj Mahal. Again, these are minimal examples of the work produced by several students in a Coordinate Remote Viewing class taught by David.  What is shown are simple dimensional sketches, and some verbal sensory data derived from CRV sessions up to Stage III. In actually CRV sessions there are three additional stages from which to glean data.
Dome of Rock-07.png
Dome of Rock-06.png
Dome of Rock-05.png
Dome of Rock-03.png
Dome of Rock-01.png
Dome of Rock-04.png
Dome of Rock-02.png
TajMahal RV.png
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