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IMPORTANT EXPLANATION: If you disagree with the Forum (Club or Room) rules, the RV-Forum Club and ClubHouse will not allow your membership; that's ClubHouse APP protocol.
1. If you agree to abide by the rules and then violate the rules, the Club Moderators may decide to exercise the Club's authority to exclude you from the Club. I assure you this is not our desire, and we try very hard to be understanding and lenient with people entering the Room and acting inappropriately.  That said, we will mute you if you continue to be disruptive. 
2. Our intention is to discuss topics related to The Remote Viewing Forum's Mission Statement. Please read it on this website if you're not familiar. 
3.We do not want people who desire to belittle, dismiss, ridicule the Club, its members, or its Mission. If you disagree with who we are and what we are doing, do it elsewhere.
4. If your intended purpose is to troll and cause problems, we will not allow it. Argument and negativity are not our mission; if it is yours, again, do it elsewhere. 
5. Banning someone from the Forum (Club or Room), or from any future Rooms where Moderators or Presenters may be, is not something we want to do. To prevent this we simply ask that you remember you are not entitled to demand people see it or hear it your way.
6. Tell your story, make your point, or ask a question as it relates to the MISSION of this FORUM.  Please do not have an ulterior motive to be disruptive and it will all be fine.
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