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    The Remote Viewing Forum Mission

There are lots of definitions of "Remote Viewing" floating around these days, and not all of them apply here. Specifically, this talk show is hosted by a former member of the CIA, DIA Remote Viewing unit, where he and others served as "Psychic Spies" using this unusual even controversial intelligence collection methodology to spy on the real or perceived enemies of the United States. This type of Remote Viewing is called "Coordinate Remote Viewing" (CRV), which is unique and distinctive in that it is driven by protocols with a dedicated lexicon. It was scientifically created, tested, and validated by the Stanford Research Institute International in the 1970s. The rigidity of the process exists to ensure a high level of accurate and consistent intelligence data. There are advanced forms of this phenomenon, such as Extended Remote Viewing (ERV), Thought Incubation (TI), and others. 

This type of Remote Viewing is our paradigm for discussion. This is the foundational element of this forum, and it is where we begin each show. Then, we migrate into current uses of the phenomenon and offer hours of classic & quantum physics interpretations of the quantum mind, and so much more. We discuss the human transformation that occurs from involvement in this espionage tool, applying it to the definition of personal purpose and calling, and how that impacts the Global Societal evolution and focus. This is the primary mission of the RV-Forum. However, we will not limit the discussion only to the CIA, DIA interpretations, and use of this transformational 'tool." 

We are always eager to share this dialogue and address questions about this mission statement and our intended approach to the weekly Forum. Truth is spoken here, we present only what we can back up with actual experience, stories, and scientific evidence or interpretations. We do not like input from individuals who want to tell something disturbing to our listeners, then refuse to disclose any names, locations, or institutions; you know what we mean. We do not spend time addressing conspiracy theories or concepts unsupported by actual science; there are always exceptions to this, but we try to stay within the limits of reason. We want to "make history" with this as much as possible, meaning we will not spend a great deal of time reliving the history of Remote Viewing. We will address it to reinforce the "next steps" in human evolution and development; however, the CIA, DIA history of Remote Viewing is not our primary focus.

Tune in, listen, join in and ask questions, learn, even ask comparative questions. There is a spirit of human possibility and promise here we know you will find and be moved by.
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