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The Remote Viewing Forum

Member & Guest Rules

The RV-Forum has three rules we ask you

to agree to follow before joining our conversations. 

The rules are simple and straightforward:

1. No Marketing of Anything: We are not trying to sell you anything, and we do not allow others to try and sell you anything. We are not selling Remote Viewing courses. If you are looking for that, go to the "Where to Find More " tab, and several websites are listed. We want to dialogue about human empowerment and how to integrate that into our lives.

2. Be respectful of others: You are not permitted to offer "readings" or make predictions or offer personal warnings directed at any member of the RV-Forum. This has happened and it is not ethical and will not be tolerated.

3. Be morally responsible for your comments: Your contributions, ideas, opinions, and questions are welcome, and we genuinely honor your thoughts and ideas. However, you are a guest in the club; therefore, act responsibly, act with courtesy and empathy--and do not try to argue or force your ideas into the topics discussed. We are discussing Remote Viewing as it was used in the CIA and DIA as an intelligence collection tool; as well as the individual transformation that occurs in doing this; and what that means to the Global Society now.

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